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devint changes at rev 209:215 and wiki changes at rev 217:221 - nant.build and VersionInfo.cs
Added RootFiles for build and inegration organization. Changed featured wiki pages and created ContributorRules to be extended The biggest deal in this is VersionInfo.cs that is: inclided in most projects to comlile correct version not included in repository Read More...

Posted mercoledì 6 giugno 2007 6.28 by moudrick | 0 Comments

rev 191: Rainbow 1.6: mattschaeffer: security.cs fix to resolve a problem with the recycler
Finally I have commited the mattschaeffer's security.cs fix to resolve a problem with the recycler where the security.cs was trying to append "recycled" to a stored proc that didn't have a recycle option. It was invented for Rainbow 1.6. Also, this fix Read More...

Posted sabato 12 maggio 2007 21.08 by moudrick | 0 Comments

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Rainbow 1.6: permanent checkout link for initial stable version
The code for stable version of RainbowPortal 1.6 for .Net Framework 1.1 can be checked out by the following link. http://rainbow.googlecode.com/svn/NET_1_1/tags/1.6.initial / This stable version is initial for Google Code project hosting after migation Read More...

Posted giovedì 10 maggio 2007 1.29 by moudrick | 0 Comments

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Repository structure and access at Google Code
Cross-posted with the wiki here . Structure is set in accordance to the following recommendations here in Rahul's blog . IMPORTANT! To anonymously checkout or export use http protocol. Otherwise if you have been granted with commit rights use https protocol Read More...

Posted giovedì 15 marzo 2007 19.33 by moudrick | 0 Comments

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Unit tests are included to standard build process
svn revisions 55 - 58 Unit tests from the project Rainbow.Tests are now included into community build process. It can be found by trunk relative path Projects\Rainbow.Tests\Rainbow.Tests.csproj You can see them at http://source.iocluster.com/site/ccnet_servers/295/ccnet_servers.aspx Read More...

Posted giovedì 7 dicembre 2006 17.50 by moudrick | 2 Comments

Be attentive on commits!
Dear friends, please be attentive on your svn commit actions. Be sure that your commit will go to the right sandbox repository. We had a problem with it lately, so I have to afford some recommendations. Details are in the forum here Read More...

Posted venerdì 5 maggio 2006 18.06 by moudrick | 0 Comments

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SVN commits revision 141-142 - Projects core works continued
These revisions are made for finally convert tests of DUEMETRI.UI.WebControls. The commits impact my sandbox only, but these changes to bу merged with Jminold's sandbox and afterwards to main trunk IMPORTANT! The most affecting change is that DUEMETRI.UI.WebControls.csproj Read More...

Posted sabato 11 marzo 2006 6.52 by moudrick | 2 Comments

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SVN stuff relocates to confluence
Sttarting from now all SVN documentation related will be supported on the confluence by the link http://support.rainbowportal.net/confluence/display/DOX/SVN Innovations and urgents will be posted to maillist and possibly to blog or forum (like this message) Read More...

Posted giovedì 23 febbraio 2006 7.03 by moudrick | 1 Comments

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SVN access by https is enabled now!
Https protocol does not require constantly enter password, but provides enough security. Also, it is noticable faster. To you will need to run the svn switch command on any of your current local repositories to point them to the new server. For example: Read More...

Posted giovedì 23 febbraio 2006 6.55 by moudrick | 0 Comments

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SVN rev 55: Brushing up contonued
Additional ignores of some modules output xml

Posted giovedì 16 febbraio 2006 5.38 by moudrick | 0 Comments

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