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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

I recomend the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar to everyone, it's quite pleasant to use. http://channel9.msdn.com/wiki/default.aspx/Channel9.InternetExplorerDevToolbar The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar provides several features for exploring

Rainbow 2.0 Beta and Zen Engine

Ok, So it is almost 1 am, and i have to stop for the nite, but I thought I would update my findings. I made some changes to the zen engine, and got it to render: http://www.jonavi.com/site/1/Default.aspx it currently renders a standard asp.net menu control,
Posted by Jonathan | 5 Comments

Conversation with Don at Dell on-line chat

Conversation with Don at Dell on-line chat
Posted by Jonathan | 4 Comments
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Programming the Web

There are many many "Web 2.0" services out there, I will add more to this list as I find myself testing them and trying them out.

Web.Config Request For Help

Hello Everyone, Eveyrone please check you web.config and delete any non generic connection strings. I believe in one of the sandboxes ( possibly mine too ) a connection string for my database is sitting there. I went to my site today, and it's trashed,
Posted by Jonathan | 1 Comments

.NET Framework 2.0 + WCF + WPF + WF + WCS = .NET Framework 3.0

I was getting ready to write this cool, earth shattering blog entry, but I was beat to the punch in a fancier fashion. So instead, I will summarize, and point to the resources :-)
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LinQ, Blinq, and ContentDB

So, I tested out LinQ today, and found my way to Blinq which is an autogenerator admin tool for DB's generating a bunch of asp.net pages, linQ code, super fast, using a couple of cool things.

DNS - .NET Blog

I have a new additional blog, that will be focused more on .NET specifics, as well as Extensibility and automation as opposed to this blog that is more Rainbow and Application geared.
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WinFS - No more

Quentin Clark of the WinFS Team posts of the projects demise . Well he actually said was they broke up the project across different products, and some day they'll go into Windows, etc. In the comments, they mention an interesting question which is just
Posted by Jonathan | 3 Comments

Awsome Design time Tutorial

Some cool things he shows like : DataBoundControlDesigner Control Collections Embedded Resource Files and more...
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Provider Based Features

The ASP.NET provider-based features rely on a common set of public types and helper classes.
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Generic Setting Object

the thing is a setting, jsut like in appsettings, come down to a simple key value pair. it gets more interesting when you say the value has a type, so now you have key, value and type. lastly, it may be interesting to know when a setting is changed
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Tips on Posting Forum Questions

I have been hanging out on forums a lot this year, rainbow forums, asp.net forums, and a littl eon the msdn forums, as well as a few other places, and I am noticing a few things. Mainly, most people do not put any thouht into posting their forum questions. It is almost like the forums have become an "easy" way to get some homework done for you.
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Site updates

check out the tab control demo which utilizes the config app. http://www.jonavi.com/TabControl.aspx


While Filip and I are working on some pretty cool things, we wanted a nice configuraitoni manager. Recently, i had come accross an article by rickstrach, with a sample of reading some config settings into a class at run time. Well, i worked on it a bit,
Posted by Jonathan | 1 Comments
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