SubText , an awesome open source blog written in C# by Phil Haack , went final 3/4/2006 for .NET 1.1.  What did this mean to me?  A cool blog module to replace our current old one in Rainbow 2.0.  I had planned to revamp the old rainbow module using joe audette[hope i  got the spelling]'s updated version but SubText is an very nice full featured blog module.  I am trying to go through all the features and see about the web author ones .  We can easily turn this into a module by making a Rainbow entry point.  Would be nice to be able to start your own online newspaper in rainbow.

Read about SubText and grab it :

News on the 2.0 version:

I will attach a screen shot of what I have so far.  This app has HUGE room to be a solid contender if it takes more advantage of 2.0 features.  The authors were good coders and made a solid release.  They already have "master page" UI's and nice API's.  The project is really easy to extend and to add your own changes.  Ive made some major improvements with the way SubText uses its config files.  I have also enforced XHTML and have cleaned a lot of the pages with XHTML Traditional rules.

I have finished going through the errors [ about a 100 or so] and have passed a build with the WAP type.  I am still working with the css to make my blog as cool as the themes that subtext comes with.  Speaking of that, this version comes with 15+ themes to skin your blog.  I plan to migrate these over to App_themes so that they can be used in 2.0.  There is also some spots where App_code could be used.  I have fixed a lot of changes in 2.0 on the 1.1 code that microsoft deems obsolete.  Most of the errors were registering client scripts. 

If anyone out there knows how to  register javascript from the codebehind [ using Page.ClientScript aspnet 2.0 object], please email me.  SubText has a lot of mixed match scripts. [ Meaning some scripts are pulled out of assemblies and some from the file system].  This being said, I think some of my scripts might not load but its just a method replace so Ill get through it.

More importantly, I want to push Ajax into this application.  I imagine it can be just like blogger with its cool ajax[ damn those google guys].  After I add real 2.0 master pages, I can take advantage of Ajax Panels that can encase funtionality with 3 lines of code. Also, this application could take advantage of health monitoring [ coordinating with Rainbow 2.0's HM], localization, Membership [ my newspaper idea], .NET 2.0 Friendly URL just to name a few.   The authors have a lot of this planned in their roadmap. I would also like to see the install screens use a web wizard since currently its a few pages.  However, this thing has a solid web install. With ajax and a web wizard, it would be solid.

Below is a raw screenshot of the setup screen  :
I remind you that its not as pretty as the 1.1 release as I have a minor css bug.  Hey Im on my way to SubText on 2.0.

Note :  Check the bottom message about SQL Server 2000.  Well you can add SQL Server
2005 to your list as I only use that.  This version is currently using enterprise.  I am sure the
DAL can be re-written to allow for any database with the new DB Factory code.  Jon and Manu are actually working on this with rainbows core.  I think they are going for either IBATIS or nhibernate as a layer.  I just told them to pick one that used SPROCS.

I got the login to work with Styles and moving to other pages  [4/7/2006]: